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Contacts and Users

  Hall Contacts

Chairman                      Mal Finch

Secretary                     Linda Marshall 01297551077

Treasurer                      Graham Bean/David Ballicombe

Booking Sec                 Joy Burgess                 01297 551416

Hall maintenance       Chris Bonny/Bill Marshall               01297 553509

Bill Marshall            01297551077

Regular Hall users

WI                               2nd Tuesdays Evenings              Marnie Beardsley               01297 34963

Axe Valley Choir          Friday Evenings                       Edward Jacobs                   01297 552221

Axe  Valley Choir                                                              Christine Brown                1297 552233

Produce Assoc                                                                   Maureen Davy                   01297 553195

Conservative Branch                                                       Paul Douglas Jones          01297 551390

Skittles/social         Tuesdays 1st and 3rd of month  just turn up summer Wednesdays

Coffee social            Tuesday mornings   2nd and 4th Tuesdays just turn up