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Whitford Summer Show

WHITFORD SUMMER SHOW – CANCELLEDIn view of the uncertain times that we find ourselves in, Whitford Produce Association have decided to cancel the Summer Show.  It was not a pleasant decision to make., …

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Life experiences of Brian Vaughton

Submitted by on 26/07/2015 – 2:13 pmNo Comment

On Tuesday 14th of July, Brian Vaughton and his dog Tuppence, from the village gave up his time to tell us of his varied and challenging life experiences.

He told us of his years working for the BBC on radio documentaries and how he was prepared to put himself on the line by asking questions that many of us would baulk at! For example ,he asked if he could fly a Buccaneer, steam catapult launch from the former Ark Royal and this permission was given against all the odds.

His inspirational talk reminded us that ‘he who dares wins’ and his inquisitive nature and tenacity led to many adventures.

Finally, Brian introduced us to the real ‘star of the show’, Tuppence ,his PAT dog (Pets as Therapy)  which accompanies Brian to local hospitals and Care Homes, giving comfort and calm to old and ill people. Tuppence had this effect on the audience.

What  colourful and generous characters we have living in the midst of this little village.