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19/04/2020 – 10:51 am |

Whitford Summer Show

WHITFORD SUMMER SHOW – CANCELLEDIn view of the uncertain times that we find ourselves in, Whitford Produce Association have decided to cancel the Summer Show.  It was not a pleasant decision to make., …

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Games Night Fun 14th March

Submitted by on 15/03/2015 – 9:13 amNo Comment

There was fun and laughter at the games night, and talents which they never new they had were revealed. Who new Richard Orsman was a master at Dominoes , or Derek Loud was a master at Quoites,(all that practice lassoing the calves!!) that Darts were supposed to go on the board and not bounce off and go into the floor  whoops! That there was a problem when the tiddle wouldn’t go into the pot ,in tiddly winks,. Some of the games the 15minute whistle was too soon and others it was too quick.

Teams of two played a variety of games including bar skittles card games , table football, shove halfpenny, Boggle, Dominoes Jenga and quoites . .A delicious bacon butty was served at half time and fun was had by all.